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Here is where you'll find my various Lego creations ranging from using the Mindstorms robotics systems, the pneumatic and gearing from the Technic line and some Power Functions based models. Click on the pictures to get to that project's page. There are also links to building instructions below hosted on the original builders websites and you can also find photo galleries of Lego events I've attended. (Some of my models have building instructions. These will be highlighted yellow). I also provide building instructions for small accessories.

      DSC00595.JPG (4073663 bytes)

Twin Brick Sorter

DSC00607.JPG (3526151 bytes)

R&P Tractor-Trailer

DSC00478.JPG (3642062 bytes)
RIS Line Follower
DSC00436.JPG (3465507 bytes)
ProjectFile.jpg (57058 bytes)
MS Ball Machine III
DSC00442.JPG (2855591 bytes)
Ackermann Steering Vehicle + 5th-wheel Trailer
DSC00391.JPG (3000795 bytes)
Johnny 5
RPvehicle.jpg (269299 bytes)
Rack & Pinion Vehicle + Trailer
noimage.jpg (7560 bytes)
MS Ball Machine II
Turntable.jpg (119441 bytes)
NXTosh.jpg (88872 bytes)
Plotter.jpg (114955 bytes)
BrickSorter.jpg (146686 bytes)
2x4 Brick Sorter
100_0793.JPG (2133161 bytes)
Dicke Bertha
100_0739.JPG (1945762 bytes)
CD/DVD Plotter
100_0676.JPG (1534126 bytes)
100_0667.JPG (2091544 bytes)
Pitching Machine & Batter
100_0297.JPG (2012435 bytes)
100_0273.JPG (2847800 bytes)
MS Ball Machine I
noimage.jpg (7560 bytes)
RoboArm T-56
Picture 028.jpg (346809 bytes)
Octan IV
P1010009.JPG (352126 bytes)
Octan III

Power Functions
  DSC00597.JPG (2917427 bytes)


DSC00469.JPG (4148894 bytes)
Bricklayer Prototype
DSC00402.JPG (3477294 bytes)
SPECTRE Versatile Rover
DSC00451.JPG (3240548 bytes)
Lego Supercar 8070
raupe.jpg (151626 bytes)
Die Raupe
acroforce.jpg (256386 bytes)
rover.jpg (282869 bytes)
Camera Rover


  DSC00777.JPG (3240209 bytes)

Machine with Plastic

100_0703.JPG (1858195 bytes)
Lego Gearing at-a-glance
DSC00475.JPG (3447523 bytes)
Two-Cylinder LPE



Card-Holder.png (160440 bytes)

Business Card Holder

IR-Remote.png (114459 bytes)

Power Functions Remote

IR-Holder.png (127113 bytes)

Infrared Extender


Building Instructions

Click the links on the left to access the websites.

LEGO 8527/8547 Extras Lego's own additional models with building instructions for NXT 1.0 and 2.0 sets. Includes programs for the additional models as well.
NXTPrograms Dave Parker's website is a good place for a first-time user of a Mindstorms NXT set. Many different models available with complete instructions including images for both NXT 1.0 and 2.0 including the educational variants. Just click the 'building instructions' link on his page for the NXT set you have. Some models include a program to test out with.
http://ricquin.net/lego/instructions/ This site includes several NXT 1.0 projects contributed by several users. Also includes one RCX project for older Mindstorms users.
HiTechnic Models HiTechnic, the people who make additional sensors and other components for the NXT system provides several building instructions that feature their products.
The-NXT-Step model list Building instructions model list on The-NXT-Step blog
Philo Home Homepage of Philippe "Philo" Hurbain. Provides many models using both the NXT and older RCX based systems. Also provides information on custom sensors and other modifications.
Tilted Twister Homepage of robots made by Hans Anderson with building instructions.
Robot Square Homepage of Laurens Valk where you can find building ideas and other useful information.
Camera Rover This is the building instruction video for the Camera Rover I built. The instructions used to be available at the LEGO Power Functions homepage in 2009 for a short time and have since been unavailable.


Here I'll provide links to photo galleries of events that I have attended. All photo albums are hosted on this site.

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BrickFair 2012BrickFair Videos 

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